Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally Got My ATT!

Got my Authorization to Test today, which means I was finally able to schedule a date to take the NCLEX. D-Day is Wednesday, July 23 at 8am. Now, I have a time frame. So far, it's been kinda difficult to study for an exam when I didn't know when I was taking it. Now I can manage my time a little better. I can dig out my Kaplan stuff and follow the syllabus for the 5-week plan. I had been doing 50 questions a night until about a week ago. I wasn't doing as well as I should, so I dug out a content book to go over stuff. So far I think it's helping. I was pretty worried that I wouldn't get a date in July at all because of my fingerprints being redone. But the phone lines were a buzzin' today between all of us that got our ATT today, about 2 weeks later than many of our classmates. We are the ones that had to retake the HESI exam. Yuk, did I hate that exam! It's supposed to be an indicator of how we will do on the NCLEX. From what I have heard from alot of nurses, though, it's crap. Way harder than the NCLEX.

On a related note, the first person from my class to take the NCLEX took it today. I'm really wondering how she did, but not really. I'm almost positive she passed.

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Good luck on your test! Just remember your ABC's. The way I remember is A (airway-- are they in a potential to stop breathing), B (is there a potential to bleed to death), C (circulation- stroke, MI, symptoms). In school, they teach you how to pick out the correct scenario for one patient.. Boards (at least 7 years ago) picked triage (which one of four) would need to be taken care of first. Safety issues are heavy there too. I didn't have too many drugs but always know safety and side effects.. I know you will do just fine. Thanks for the link! Pop over and let me know when you pass so I can add you to the Nursing list!