Friday, June 27, 2008

Preschool day

I took Peyton to preschool this morning. During the summer, they have a "water day" every Friday where the kids wear swimsuits to school and do water play outside. Peyton really looks forward to this. Actually, she looks forward to preschool anyway because she gets to go to school like big sis. Plus, she likes the interaction with other kids, an area that I fall a bit short on as a mom. I am not the most social person in the world, and my kids kinda suffer for it. My bad.

Anyway, as I was saying, today was "water day" at school, which she was really excited about. We showed up at school with Peyton in her cute little red swimsuit, sprayed her sunscreen on in front of the car, grabbed her lunchbox (One of her favorite things about going to school is carrying a lunchbox), and as she was walking up the sidewalk to her class, Peyton threw up all over the sidewalk. No indication of being sick, no fever, just stopped and upchucked right in front of the classroom and her teacher. The teacher quickly got something to clean it up and promptly told me that Peyton had to go home. What, really? No kidding? Um yeah, I know that, thanks for pointing that out to me. They did at least let me use the bathroom in her class and clean her up a little.

Here it is, about 5 hours since then, and no more upchucking, no fever, no tummyache, nothing. I personally think it was just an upset tummy or something. She isn't sick. Now I totally understand that she couldn't stay at school, but it really sucked for her. I had to pry her away from the school kicking and screaming after that this morning. She kept trying to put her stuff in her cubby as I was taking it out. She cried for at least 20 minutes after we left. Poor baby.

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