Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bible School for Riley

Riley is in Vacation Bible School this week. Wow, is she loving it! I almost didn't sign her up because it is 30 minutes from home, and I have become a bit of a hermit since gas prices has gone through the roof. Which is so not good for the kids. But I did end up taking her, mainly because one of the volunteers at VBS called me after the first day to invite Riley to the VBS at her church. It's kinda becoming our church, too, I guess.

We have been shopping around for a church for awhile now. We have been to this particular church a couple of times, one of those was Easter Sunday. It's not a super big church, but not so small that it doesn't offer activities for the kids. That is important to me. I don't want a church that has the congregation size of a small city, but I also don't want one super small either.

Anyway, Riley has been having a ball at VBS. I'm glad I am taking her; she really needs lots of social interaction. I think she is making friends as well. They are performing during service Sunday, so it looks like we will be going there for church Sunday.

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