Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Stuff

We are one of the few people living in Arizona that does not own a pool. Hubby insists that it would be way too much work. I tend to agree with the upkeep part, but this is the time of year that I would almost kill to have a pool in our nice big backyard. So we have a sprinkler instead. The kids love it. Especially Riley. You'd think she swam like a fish the way she runs through it and sticks her head in the streams of water. But she doesn't. Doesn't like getting her face underwater or anything of the sort. Peyton, my younger and more adventurous child, is not really interested in the sprinkler. Oh she loves to wear her bathing suit, but she'll get herself a tiny bit wet in the sprinkler, then move on to other things in the backyard like her umpteen riding toys.

So, since we have no backyard pool, this week I took the girls to the public pool. We have several pools in town , and they are all super cheap to use. I haven't taken the girls to a pool here before, so I figured it would be an adventure. It was, the lifeguard must have blown her whistle at Peyton 10 times for running. She was running away from me. I think her ultimate goal was to jump in the deep end and walk on the bottom of the pool. I was so worn out after being at the pool for 90 minutes, and I was sure they would want to nap after we got home. But of course not. Peyton did because she naps every afternoon. But Riley would not, she was a bundle of energy.

Riley did take the time that afternoon to write me a note to thank me for taking her to the pool and that I was her very best mother. Aww, I take my kids to things like that so rarely lately that when I do , my poor kid writes me a thank you note for it. I suck.

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