Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A bit of a milestone

Riley had her first "real" dentist appointment today. I say "real" because she had been a couple of times before, and the assistant has looked at her teeth, counted them to make it more fun, and cleaned them to the best of his ability with her wiggling about.

But today was different. She was so good and acted so grown up, it was amazing. She was so still when he put the heavy apron on her and made her bite down on those oh-so-uncomfortable mouth inserts while he took x-rays of her teeth. She was as cooperative as any adult while he cleaned her teeth and applied flouride treatment. And when we had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the assistant to get the dentist to check her teeth, she didn't complain. She didn't ask to get out of the chair. She didn't ask how much longer it would be.

I was so proud, and just a little sad. My girl is growing up.

Oh, and no cavities. Yay!

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Sahuarita said...

Way to go Riley! ~Angie