Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birthday Fun

Peyton turned 2 last Sunday (can you believe it already?). We didn't have anything really planned to do because, well, she is only 2 and wouldn't know the difference. But what we did do ended up being stretched over half of a week. We were planning to have lunch at Pizza Hut, do some water play in the backyard, open presents, and have cake on the big day, but between missed naps and a misbehaving little girl, the celebration ended up being days of fun.

Day 1 at Pizza Hut

Riley having fun in the sprinklers.

Peyton, who didn't show interest in the water.

Day 2: Birthday girl

Day 3: Girls playing so sweetly

1 comment:

Sahuarita said...

Happy Birthday Peyton!!

Gosh its hard to believe she's 2 already! ~Angie