Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a date

Derek and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week. Hardly seems possible, once upon a time I thought 10 years was an ETERNITY. So, unlike most previous years, we actually went out on a date, albeit a lunch date and afternoon movie, but hey, I’m not complaining.

We did the daytime date as opposed to a night date for 3 reasons. First, we thought it would be easier for my awesome friend who was going to watch our kids. Second, since Derek gets up at the crack of dawn every morning, he isn’t exactly the night owl type, so I was afraid he would be fading by 9pm. And lastly, movie matinĂ©es are about half the price of evening shows. It’s ridiculous what they charge to see a movie nowadays. We paid $6 for a matinĂ©e and that seems high to me, but I love the movie theater experience, so every year or so, we splurge and go see something.

For lunch, we went to my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE restaurant here in the Old Pueblo, El Charro. The service is awesome, you never have to wait very long, and most importantly, the food is sooo gooood. Plus, they are having a Margarita special all summer, yum yum! Then we saw the latest Die Hard movie, which I must say was really good. I’m a big Bruce fan and even though he’s looking a little worn (re: old) lately, I still enjoy looking at him for a couple of hours.

After the movie, we kicked around Borders for awhile, which was nice with no kids to chase around. I love going to the bookstore, I’m a pretty big reader when I have time. Of course that’s going to change once my school starts, then it will be nursing textbooks. Oh how fun.

After the bookstore, we ran a couple of errands, and then went to pick up the girls. It’s so cute when I go to pick them up. Peyton hears the doorbell and I can hear her running to the door yelling “Mommy!” I just love that.


Sahuarita said...
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Sahuarita said...

Amy, Congrats on 10 years together!

John and I will celebrate our 10 year mark this week as well.